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The Burton U.S. Open will be quite decisive for some of the pros this year. Especially, being the last TTR 6 Star event of the season 2010/2011!. In male TTR ranking, the BUSOs will decide the Top-5 Men Ranking. After being unofficially (but mathematically) already clear, that Peetu Piiroinen is 3rd time TTR World Tour Champion, it is now between Seppe Smits (BEL), Sebastien Toutant (CAN) and Mark McMorris (CAN), Iouri Podlatchikov (SUI) and Christian Haller (SUI), to score as much as possible. For the women, everything is open yet!  Jamie Anderson (USA) and Kelly Clark (USA) will be competing for 1st place. Jamie, who is current female TTR World Tour Champion, also leads the BGOS at the moment. Other potential competitors will be Cilka Sadar (SLO), Kjersti Øestgaard-Buaas (NOR), or Sina Candrian (SUI).

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The U.S. Open, will kick off at Stratton, Vermont. This ending event of the Burton Global Open Series, will offer a $200‘000 prizing money for the riders (men & women), as well as a Mini car for the overall top male/female  rider of the BGOS. Besides that, the BGOS – Champs of each gender will take back home a nice $50‘000, 2nd with $30‘000 and 3rd with $20‘000 check. Further more, the BUSOs will be host to this season 2010/2011‘s TTR World Tour Champion presentation. After the qualification rounds, the Slopestyle Semi-Finals (men/women) will be starting on Wednesday, followed by the Halfpipe Semi-Finals on Thursday (including also the Railjam), the Slopestyle Finals on Saturday and the Halfpipe Finals on Sunday. Another cool fact for the specttors of the event is: Even though that it includes music acts and this incredibly huge lineup -IT IS TOTALLY FREE!

You can follow the event live on the webcast on Burton or Metacafe, so get ready!

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