Ride Shakedown in Europe!

Ride Shakedown 2011

After Mont-Saint-Souveur (CAN) and recently also the States, the moment has come!

The legendary Ride Shakedown comes to Germany! The RSD is an one-of-a-kind event, where AMs and Pros, compete in a pure jam session format. This slopestyle, has got it really in it. The riders have to prove their skills on Stairset and BigAir and we can be sure to see also this year, a sick set-up. After hitting the kicker, the slope is followed by a special stairset, which is re-engineered each year for the contest. Due to the jam session format, the contest gets a way more familiar and easy going atmosphere. The riders have more freedom to perform and to show their creativity on the obstacles, what is another positive fact we think: No Spin-to-win hype in here! On March 11th/12th, more than 40 snowboarders compete for 35‘000 € in the Olympic Stadium in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and try to take the most points for that TTR 4 Star event. The entry is free! Afterwards, you can be sure to party like crazy in that small and almost romantic looking town, on Germany‘s highest mountain. So don‘t miss it!

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The RSD, celebrates this year its 10th anniversary. The first stop is the premiere in Europe in Garmisch-Partenkirchen on March 11th/12th. Just one week later on March 18th/19th the RSD will be in Summit, Snowqualmie (USA), before going back to Quebec, Canada on 1st/2nd of April, where it was born 10 years ago. Over all, there will be over 120 of the best snowboarders, competing for 100‘000 US $. Get excited!

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