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RIDE Shakedown Railjam Prizegiving | photo by: Matthias Stadler

The Olympic stadium of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany went nuts on this weekend. It was the European premier for the legendary Ride Shakedown, to take place is in Europe.

The event kicked off with an AM qualification round, sponsored by Planet Sports, allowing the Ams to advance to next day’s semi-finals with the pros. The weather was just perfect, taking into consideration the fact that it’s Springtime and usually totally unpleasent and so the crowd as the riders were even more motivated, looking forward to an unique event.

In the end, it was a tight race between Stephan Wimmer (AUS) and Patrick Cinca (GER). Wimmer was consistent and came out on top with a clean BS 720 on the kicker, followed by a 50/50 180-out on the down rail. That extra push, placed Patrick Cinca in secondvery closely. Cinca did a solid FS 720 followed by a simple 50/50 on the rail. Both earned themselves the ticket to move on to next day’s semi-final with the pros. Third place of the Ams, went to Roger Schuler (SUI).

At the Relentless Rail Jam qualification, Aston Egelmeers (NED), Dominik Brunner (AUT) and Peder Midttomme (SUI) won their spot to compete against the pros in the Rail Jam semi-final.

Basti Rittig Gets Crowned Relentless Rail Jam King

Daniel Rajcsanyi (GER), Moritz Neuhäusler and Dominik Wagner (AUS), killed the Rail Jam. At the end of the day, Basti Rittig (GER) dominated the RSD setup with technical tricks and took home € 5’000 prize money. 17-year-old young gun Jamie Nicholls (GBR) and Andres Marinoic (SLO) finished 2nd and 3rd, winning € 2’000 and € 1’000. What nobody knew before is, that the total eight riders arranged before, to share the prizing money with all. So € 1’000 cash for each to spend on the After-Show party, later that night!

Results Relentless Rail Jam Final:
1. Basti Rittig (GER)
2. Jamie Nicholls (GBR)
3. Adres Marinoic (SUI)
4. Moritz Neuhäusler (GER)
5. Daniel Rajcsanyi (GER)
6. Dominik Wagner (AUT)
7. Seppi Scholler (AUT)
8. Niklas Mattsson (SWE)

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