rockOn gets chosen!

rockOn gets chosen!

As it looks like the rockOn Snowboarding crew from Germany made it on the Nike Chosen Sessions video final in Silvretta Montafon last night. Since we’ve been following the 12 contest AMs sending it on three different sessions, featuring their Best Line, the Bowl and the Big Air jump, the video crews were up to produce the best edit in six days, shooting in this outstanding purpose built park by Nike and all around the mountain of course. Smallzinema from Finnland, This must be the Place from the US and rockOn Snowboarding from Germany on a head on head battle for the $ 40 grand check of the Swoosh.

Since the rockOn dudes keep peepin‘ all sorts of self-porn and other disturbing pics and sometimes even snowboard related content

rockOn get Chosen! - they fucking made it FBvia Facebook, you could see the picture above from last night’s Chosen final party which speaks quite for itself, hu? Meanwhile on the AM side, the final three riders got chosen by you, as the public voting got closed last night. Now it is up for the Nike pros to decide, weither it should be Felix Georgii (GER), Enzo Nilo (FRA) or Markus Mathis (SUI) to win  that awesome trip to the Baldface lodge and get chosen! For those who missed anything, you can rewatch the entire footage on

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