Spy Snow-JahZee 2011 | Hoch Ybrig


Snow-JahZee 2011


On March 19th, we go in the next round with this extra one-of-a-kind jam session contest: The Spy Snow-JahZee. You don’t sit on any table of course, but you are in a nice snowpark shredding, that’s for sure! At the Hoch-Ybrig in Switzerland at the NBC park, each rider gets a card with 24 different tricks on it. All combos included. Straight Airs, Switch Straight Airs, spins up to 900 (new feature) BS and FS of course. The riders have to stomp the most tricks possible, from their card during the session. In best case, you do a perfect of course, but that would be quite hard. For the first time the Snow-JahZee is an official TTR contest and ranked with 3 Stars (means 400 points for the winner). Overall, there is a nice 10’000  USD to win, but hurry up, because the rider lineup is limited to 35!


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