Akamp 2013

Akamp 2013

While most of our Canuck fellows head to Whistler for the CoC stuff to summer shred, Canada’s east coast  has also some exciting stuff to offer. The guys of Akamp are having their summer camps since 5 years now in mid July in Québec’s Mont Avila (near Montreal) in Québec. Not as XXL as in Whistler or Hood, but enough to have some good times. This one here got filmed in 4 days and includes young talents such as Jonat Ste-Marie, David Brown, Greg Soller, Pepe, Eric Ramirez, Émile Côté, Sébastien Desmarais, Zach Aller, Jérémie Brunet, Tommy Bélanger, Guillaume Marquis, Jérémy Cloutier and Alexis Mailhot.

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