Argon Films presents - "Euphoria" teaserArgon Films presents – „Euphoria“ teaser


Today’s snowboard films got one thing in common. Or they’re filled with impressive and sick gaps, stair sets and Triples even; or with unreal backcountry lines, which no one of us will ever get to ride probably. All these flicks mean a hell load of work, organization, risks (means balls in this case..) and budget and that’s why we lov’em for, they’re just sick to watch. But can we really identify with them? Are these films, giving you the serious motivation to try the same tricks and spots out? If you’re honest, you know that’s not the case.

The guys over at Argon Films had their thought on exactly that issue. A bunch of Zillertal locals, film enthusiasts and media folks, picked a brain on how to produce a snowboard film project, which should fullfil exactly that sensation when watching a snowboard film. The Euphoria project was born.

So the issue was, how to realize a well produced movie, which should motivate the people to go snowboarding even without showing all these impossible pro spots ’n tricks. Additionally the movie should be based on sessions rather than on classic rider-parts and it should cover all aspects of snowboarding.

The right mixture of different riding styles, characters and ages is crucial for a project like this and these guys are the chosen ones who were predestined to show their action all around the globe! Chris Kröll, Rudi Kröll, Mario Wanger, Tom Klocker, Herby Thaler, Michi Stanschitz, Fips Gruber, Dominik Wagner, Flo Heim, Alex Walch, Tom Tramnitz, Jocki Köffler, Steve Gruber and Chris Cab.

No movie without a story! This meant one week of shooting in Tirol and Salzburg, with almost all riders, many random actors and a production crew of up to nine persons. As you read this, the postproduction is still working hard and Euphoria is almost done. Expect some gorgeous girls, a lot of tattoos, a funny story without a real meaning and of course heavy snowboarding!

The world premiere will happen on the 1st of October 2011 in the Zillertal valley, during the Hotzone.TV opening. More premieres will happen in Innsbruck, Salzburg and Vienna – dates to be announced! The best thing is: The movie will be available as free download on the 3rd of October on! ENJOY the teaser!

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