Bald E-Gal’s Ground Control Teaser

Bald E-Gal's Ground Control Teaser

The Midwest is one of the sickest places to live, if you’re up to urban shreds and one cool ass community of up comers and pros. E-Gal Eye is still in our heads and now the Bald E-Gal bunch already released their 2013 teaser: Ground Control, that includes the usual WTFs mvoes Clay Hatzenbuhler, Drew Poganski, Krister Ralles, Matthew Boudreaux, Nate Lavik, Randy Vannurden, Ryan Barker and Shane Ruprecht on one hand and Dan Brisse, Brent Mohs, TJ Antisdel, Dan Vinzant, Brandon Larson, Joe Mertes, Jordan Michilot, Mike Casanova, Austin Young, Justin Henigen, Mike Liddle, Peter Limberg, Corey Wissink, Charlie Fenton and some more.

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