Bald E-Gal’s „The Convoy“ teaser

Yeah, we couldn’t right believe it either, when seeing that there are still movie teasers dropping of this season! Our teaser section, is getting longer and longer and we seriously don’t know when it will stop finally. The guys over from Bald E-Gal dropped here their new movie project teaser, which is called The Convoy. Well thought 3D animation and best midwest snowboarding. We’re glad that the guys dropped this here. Watch it and you’ll understand. This teaser is a beast! Midwest shreds / Youth Shelter Supply and just a few unknown headz, nobody really knows.  Krister Ralles, Shane Ruprecht, Brandon Larson, Ryan Paul, Randy Vannurden, Dan Brisse, Viktor Simco, Dan Liedahl, Cody Beiersdorf and friends…SICK!

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