Blauvelt on adidas? | what up next?

Blauvelt on adidas? | what up next?

According to our friends over at, Jake Blauvelt will be riding from this season on, in some brand new boots by adidas. Even though it is not official yet, these news come from a safe source and an official press release will be coming up soon on Jake’s site. Already back in 2007, adidas threw out these limited boots, which didn’t catch much attention though. In the last years have been more and more bigger sports brands, entering the snowboarding game, wanting their piece of the cake. Nike 6.0’s recent moves, in drafting basically big name pros as it would be the NBA, left other brands quite dumb looking, but also gave major events new and strong sponsors and did impressively well on that. Now that there’s adidas also coming up, it will be quite exciting to regard, future changes which come with these new players. Ever thought of something like a TTR 6 Star event by adidas? 

source: pleasuremag

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