Under Dawgs D.A.E. Teaser

Under Dawgs D.A.E. Teaser

The Under Dawgs D.A.E. film project is a tribute to snowboarder Drake Aron Edwards, who lost his life in a tragic car accident last year in Hood Meadows, Oregon by the age of only 20. This flick features all his shred homies such as Jesse Gouveia, Ben Strause, Andrew Aldridge, Jordan Morse, Durell Williams, Colton Morgan, Sammy Spiteri, Max Tokunaga, Shane Wright and friends and looks to be one urban killer.

„D.A.E.- Drake Aron Edwards was a best friend to everyone he would meet. Because of his pure kindness and amazing disposition everyone would always want to be around him. Being around Drake meant endless smiles and the greatest feelings friendship has to offer.

Snowboarding was a huge part of Drakes life, so through our snowboarding we board for Drake. And attempt to live our lives in the same inspirational spirits that Drake did.“

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