Different Direction „Hound Dogs“ Teaser

Different Direction "Hound Dogs" Teaser

Montafon local Sebi Geiger made a hell of a noise last season with his Different Direction web series when kicking off its 2nd season. Well, that won’t really happen in this year, but instead Sebi thought to do a full length snowboard flick called Hound Dogs, that will recapturing the last season, together with his homies, brother and other shred buddies such as Mario Käppeli, Thomas Feurstein, Flo Corzelius, Simon Pircher, Manu Bernert, Steve Grumser and Christian Geiger. The teaser it’s not really what we expected when getting the news, but the last shots after the „gallery“ look damn promising and also the riders list let expectations raise. The full length film will be out to watch for free on October 22nd, so check back then and show them some love on their fanpage too (link below) !

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