„Lords of Dogtown“ | man what a film! If you’re reading these lines and you can’t associate anything with this title, than you’re definitely lost man and for sure have to take some time to read a bit through skateboarding history and of course watch that film! For the rest who’s into it: Remember that at the end of the film the Dogtown crew goes to their friend Sid, to skate his pool? Well there’s way much more behind that, than just a classy one time cali skate pool session. Stacey Peralta, Tony Alva and Jay Adams -founders of the Dog Town crew and skateboarding’s pioneers- skated this pool more than once. These key figures of the legendary „Zephyr“ team, set new measures for skateboarding back then, by riding „(Doni’s) Dog Bowl“, which was a friend’s empty pool and so they’ve had their own bowl basically to ride. Some of the most classy famous shots have been done there and Tony Alva is also credited, to do the the first frontside aerials back then in that year’s fall ..back there ..in the infamous Dog Bowl. „This historic 8mm footage of Dogtown’s founding members, was captured in the spring of 1977 by Wayne Babcock. Wayne has never released this footage nor has he shared his vintage Dogtown skateboard collection with the public, both have been donated exclusively in support of this project.“ Cheers for this little golden piece of skateboarding history! We just can say „wow“ and re-watch, damn…

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