Flow’s Charlift Chronicles TRAILER

Flow's Charlift Chronicles TRAILER

Mike Basich is a hell of a backcountry cannon and always stood out for being a bit gnarly definitely, but foremost for following his dream and keeping it real on a level that is unreachable for most of us here. In his Area 241, Mike built on his own a house with a 40 acres terrain, that has everything a snowboarder’s heart could wish for. Backcountry terrain in the middle of now where, a little private chairlift the man built also with his bare hands, snowmobiles and much more that keeps that personal dream of his alive and where he actually lives most of the time. Flow is dropping now a -yeah we know- web series about that called the Charlift Chronicles that will be making our job more difficult and turning us damn mad jealous on what Mike has built up there, that we will be able to enjoy between October and March of this season but for now, dig the trailer.

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