The world premiere in Milano was off the hook and we started wondering already, when Johnny would finally put this thing on the web to watch. Just a few hours ago, like already announced here one week back, the long awaited 2011 movie by the Garbage Family got online! Believers is a fully non-sponsored and self-budgeted snowboard movie, which these Italian shred headz put together on their very own, for the love for snowboarding. The message is pretty clear: Believe in your dreams and strive for them! We don’t have to talk much about the trick level of the Garbagers and neither do we do about their style. With this movie the Garbagers definitely marked a little milestone, for Italian snowboarding and deserve it, being now 5 years in the game already. Hopefully this is an impulse for other crews of the booted Euro country, so we might get to see more in future. Believers includes riding by Marco „Johnny“ Morandi, Devid De Palma, Riccardo Paleari, Alessandro Redaelli, Medda Man, Rino Ralis, Matteo Ferraris, Mattia Bonaguro, Matteo Tuberosa, Cees Wille, Isidor Diaz Coma, Jacopo Lazzari, Critan Filippone, Luca Chiaudano and Gianluca Pellizzola. This shit pops! ..believe it.

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