Hate Hard – Again TEASER

Hate Hard - Again TEASER

One of the crews that don’t really put much effort in their online output, but stay there somehow. The Hate Hard bunch threw out a new teaser (a month ago already..we know) for their 2013 flick called Again. Still not really sure what to think of these heads, they somehow keep staying in our head with a question mark on, but then again they drop some solid shots, so we’ll have to wait for the full film to see what’s up. Ah yeah and it’s Rick Ross again of course..jibbing by Paulius Morkunas, Gytis Morkunas, Sharunas Dambrauskas, Dimi Shubin, Aivaras Dambrauskas, Alanas Gurinas and Skirmantas Skukauskas.

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