Oh Herro Buffaro – FULL FILM

Oh Herro Buffaro – FULL FILM

Oh Herro Buffaro is the title of a new short flick that got on the web a week ago and is the result of a smaller bunch of shred headz, that simply enjoy snowboarding as it proofs quite easy. Some of them you might know probably such as Sammy Spiteri, Dylan Thompson or Todd Kirby, but also the rest of this collective like Curtis Woodman, Brandon Hammid, Erik Leon, Eli Weiner, Jack Thornvold, Chad Dahlman, Chris „Dirt“ Allen, Shane Stalling, Jess Gentry and a few other homies of theirs show that snowboarding in Montana is fun, no matter how fucked up your winter might be, as long as you stick with your homeboys to actually do and try something. Oh Herro Buffaro features a bit of everything, so don’t expect getting only that typical metal jibs, but also some cool backcountry shots and pure enviousness for wether not riding as good as they do or for not riding at all yet, while others are able already to do so. Life’s a bitch, we know.

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