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As announced we bring you another interview with one of the Pirate rippers and had a talk with Swedish Burton rider Chris Sörman. Right now there ain’t much shredding going on of course and life is more about swimming pools, hanging around and enjoying the good life. So it is for Chris, but why hear it from us when you can get it first hand by the man himself.

ShredOn Mag: Hey Chris, how are you doing ..where you at right now?

Chris: I’m fine. Having dinner, meeting a bunch of friends, having a few beers and working on my pool area.

SOM: That sounds nice. So how did you finish off the season and what are your plans for summer?

Chris: I finished off the season in AK with Arthur Longo and our filmer Justin (Hare). AK was sick. A lot of shitty weather too, but I guess that’s how it is up there. My plans are now to be home, find some good music for my parts and finish up my house with the pool and the terrace. Then move to Stockholm and being drunk until next season.


Chris‘ pool area in progress ..not a problem for Kalle though!

SOM: We’ve noticed that your name wasn’t showing up on the Random Bastards’ Blue Balls line up – too many ships to enter with the Pirates or have you got at least a short friends part or something in Blue Balls?

Chris: I have no idea but I think I have the cover shot while I was in a strip club and had a pole dance session with a stripper here in Sweden. I had a broken nut afterwards. We took a picture and sent it over to Hans Åhlund, who takes care about the Random Bastards and he will put me on the cover. hahaha

SOM: Can’t wait to see that shot what is the deal with the Pirates then ..rumors say, that there won’t be as much riders as used to see in this year’s up coming movie. How and why is that?

Chris: It’s right, we are only 8 riders this year. The main reason is just to focus on getting more angles and to set the focus on 100% for each guy throwing down a part for the movie.

Squaw Valley

When Chris ain’t working on his private pool area, or fooling around with his homies, he usually sends it big on the snow. Like here in Squaw Valley ..nice angle.

SOM: Let’s switch topics – how much time do you spend on Instagram and Spotify?

Chris: Spotify daily a few hours – Instagram once a day to upload a pic. Maybe check it a bit more often.

SOM: I’ve seen you’re feeling Drake and Ross, but are also into some psycadellic / electric sort of music, hu? Do you play any instruments too or produce even beats like Torstein for example?

Chris: I am definitely into Rap music, especially Young Money. And ehm, ..I listen too some dance music, when going out. I played 3,5 weeks the guitar in AK. Learned 3 songs. Super stoked on that.

SOM: And then there is underwear now on the business side. Really? Tell us something about ‘Cajs’ please.

Chris: I bought underwear for my girlfriend once back in the days and it was so nice to wear and I needed something like this for men. You can buy it online at Junkyard and Uppercut for example. It’s just like a fun thing right now and it could be a future plan. Now I have underwear for life.

Cajs underwear

We don’t know how comfy these are, but it definitely will take you more to shred like Chris does, than just buying from his underwear label. ‚Cajs‘ is the men’s move so that also we get sexy pantie presents in future from our girls and not just the other way around only like always!

SOM: I thought you would have been to the ‘Atlantic Cup’ event in France now. Will Sweden still be in this year’s football Euro Championship, when this interview gets published? Do you follow your team at all?

Chris: I am super bumbed that I am not there, so I couldn’t go to Biarritz. No football , no surfing. Sure I follow the Euros but really don’t care too much about that at all. Like to see Sweden winning though of course.

SOM: Will the world come to its end this year, like the Mayas say?

Chris: Fuck yeah!

SOM: We got some sentences here to complete for you..

  • If you wouldn’t be a nasty Pirate, you probably would  … a loaded actor.
  • Double Corks are pretty crazy but /and …but style goes ahead.
  • Cash Money music is …the shiaat.
  • Skateboarding during summer …a bit.
  • Mixing up booze usually …Yeah!

waist deep pow

Until we will be able to see Chris in that surrounding again it will take some more time we guess. Like fall, when the new Pirate movie gets released!

\\ Rap music vs. electro in snowboard movies?

Chris: Rap for sure.

\\ Skateboarding vs. surfing?

Chris: Both good ..rather surf.

\\ BBQ vs. fast food?

Chris: BBQ

\\ Weezy vs. Kanye?

Chris: A tie.

\\ Backside 180 vs. Cab 7?

Chris: Back 1.

\\ Jägermeister vs. cocktails?

Chris: Cocktails.

SOM: Alright Chris, thanks for your time and getting through this with us. Any shoutouts, or last words?

Chris: Shoutout to Nilson, who is sitting in front of the computer while I am drinking a beer and he is asking your interview questions. As well to all my sponsors. Thank you!

SOM: Cool, we’re out. See you soon!


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