Isenseven | NEW TRAILER

Isenseven | NEW TRAILER

Eooooooooh! They’re back! Isenseven drops their new film trailer. The moment approaches more and more. The season is about to end and we will spend the summer on beaches or somewhere, meanwhile editors spend long sessions in dark cellars, eehm – editing. Between coffees, cigarettes, teas, pressure, renderings and more, Vincent Urban will put together with Alex Schiller the new Isenseven flick. The dudes, didn’t come up with a title yet, nor is the complete lineup known and all we know is: There might be some surprises. Great. Well here you can watch the brand new trailer of the new 2011 Isenseven film. Get ready for gnarly riding, senseless trashtalking, weird fun stuff but for sure: Awesome snowbaording! Including in this film also: Alex Tank, Benny Wetscher, Christian Haller, Christophe Schmidt, Colin Frei, Daniel Rajcsanyi, David Bertschinger Karg, Ethan Morgan, Fips Strauss, Fredrik Evensen, Kevin Bäckström, Ludwig Lejkner, Peter König, Simon Gruber, Tobi Strauss, Tom Klocker and Wojtek Pawlusiak.

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