Lobster Snowboards banned!

Lobster Snowboards banned!

They don’t give a fuck and we like that. According to the Helgason bros Eiki and Halldør, there have been several snowboard shops, which banned the Lobster boards -which for we all waited for- from their shops. The reason for this stiff bitch move, are the board graphics (I mean seriously, I still wouldn’t quite know, what to say if I would shred some day with my  8 or 12-year old cousin and riding this gnarly board with that monster-faced pussy on it..). But Heiki and Halldør wouldn’t be the two Helgason bros, if they would actually give a fuck about this. Even better, straight according to the idea „bad news, are good news“, the two got now more demands on their boards waiting than before and to celebrate this, they’ve had another rad idea of course. For every single one of you, who busy A Lobster STD board (or Troublemaker), gets a „shit in my tits“ shirt for free. Now, ain’t that cool, or what? Check out their webshop as well, if you don’t got a dealer of these are, who still run the STD and have fun with the shirt.

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