Lunch Ramp Gang – Bone Zone A.D. TRAILER

Lunch Ramp Gang - Bone Zone A.D. TRAILER

So since we all got the news yesterday that the epic Bone Zone in SLC got found and destroyed by Forest Service (we reported, check here), their finally is a reaction after yesterday’s disappointment of snowboarding’s internet. Seriously, we’d have expected some more hate or regret from your people’s side about what happened, but whatever floats your boat. Fact is, that there is a 2013 Bone Zone flick coming out, that will be much shorter of course now, but yeah we will have one. The Lunch Ramp Gang is working on that flick and call it Bone Zone A.D. . The idea behind it when reading the title or watching this trailer is pretty clear. Check back soon for more, as there’s no way the gang won’t disappoint us on this one!

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