Niche Snowboards | 2011 teaser

Niche Snowboards is another brand of these in the snowboarding game, which cares about our environment. By doing so, Niche Snowboards „is 100% committed to do everything they can to be as eco-friendly as possible. Truth is, traditional snowboard manufacturing is toxic! Niche is revolutionizing this process with new materials and new construction technologies“ like they say. We like that and encourage those brands like Niche Snowboards, which push this important „think greener“ attitude in snowboarding. The Niche crew however, cannot just only think greener (not that tree-green you thinking of right now..), but do they also have some nice skills when it comes up to shred. Their 2011 team film features riding by Casey Nelson, Todd Robertson, Erika Vikander, Tony Hagedorn, Ryan Hryckiewicz, Kyle Loots, Skyler Thomas and Midori Oatari and will be released in this year’s fall.

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