piupau „IN FOCUS“ episode 4 – Chillin‘ It

Standard mid-season action, but Isenseven featured this time. How so? Well, the Isen dudes did a trip to Estonia and what is better than OG locals to scout some nice spots for your new movie ..right. Some action of the Red Bull Whiteout and Estonia Open all inclusive featuring  Orm Joost, Kaur Joost, Daniel Lepik, Hindrek Väravas, Holden vides, Siim Aunison, Mario Visnap, Daniel Rajcsanyi, Henri Jürgenstein, Nicolas Polli, Kaspar Grigorjev, Alex Tank, Sulev Paalo, Mark Duubas, Kristjan Juur, Priit Palumaa, Tõnis Tein and Madis Bachmann.

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