Postland Theory – Catscratch FULL MOVIE

Postland Theory – Catscratch FULL MOVIE

Last year back the Postland Theory dropped their first full film Momentum (watch it here), which was quite dope and even more for being a first film. Now here comes Catscratch. Is it better? Hell yeah. We get some new faces and with that also some surprising backcountry shots in this expected to be 100% jib flick, what gives the whole thing a nice change and proofs that this bunch is growing and learning. Enjoy one solid Euro flick by Tim Schiphorst, who made that thing happen and who also proofed once again that we might be seen more rad stuff in future of his work. Catscratch is dope, is 22min. long and features riding by Bas Elhorst, Cees Wille, Gerben Verweij, Irian van Helfteren, Joey van Essen, Kas Lemmens, Kevin de Haan, Luc Büthker, Wessel van Lierop and friends. Is anybody seriously still reading this?

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