Random Bastards – Blue Balls Teaser

Random Bastards - Blue Balls Teaser

The Random Bastards are back with their 2012 project, called „Blue Balls„. After their last year’s uber movie Tentacle(watch it here in full length), the Swedish production celebrates its 10th anniversary in the game and is proud to show you this year their biggest production so far. Blue Balls will be released in September this year as a stream or free download to go directly to your hard disc.

Some face you know didn’t make it into the final project with a full part and other faces are new to be called officially ‚Bastards‘, such as Thirty Two hammer Brandon Hobush or RIDE ripper Clemens Schattschneider for example. Besides that  the usual senders are featured like Hans Åhlund, Erik Karlsson, Toni Kerkelä, Viktor Wiberg, Ludde Lejkner, Jonte Linde, Dylan Alito, Jocke Rasmussen, Philip Grund, Zebbe Landmark, Zach Rawles, Nejc Ferjan, Eric Johansson and Kalle Ohlsson.

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