rockON „Propaganda“ team film – FULL MOVIE

rockON "Propaganda" - FULL MOVIE \\ PHIL

Last Friday Night was off the hook, when rockON’s brand new team movie „Propaganda“, got screened for the very first time in front of an audience, on the world premiere in Cologne.

rockON "Propaganda" - FULL MOVIE \\ CROWD

The Bogen 2 location got destroyed to the fullest and overall we can say that the guys did a really good job on that party. After the film was over, Phillip Ramhofer and  his entourage threw out a couple of giveaways and everybody who wasn’t already, started to get wasted and party up!

rockON "Propaganda" - FULL MOVIE \\ PARTY

Rad music, even though the DJ had a trigger finger on skipping the best songs after one minute running and a wild chaos between rad party people, beers, weird looks and „yiheaaaaaaahs!“.

rockON "Propaganda" - FULL MOVIE \\ WEIRD?

After the dudes introduced their team riders throughout the season with their profile vids, teasing their back then unnamed team movie, the moment has finally come now. Mr. Ramhofer put the good thing online just a few minutes ago, so y’all can watch it in full length.

rockON "Propaganda" - FULL MOVIE \\ MARLON BOEGER

You will get stoked on this one and be well surprised, we guarantee. Now sit back, crack open a cold one, or two ..and enjoy awesome riding by Dani Rajcsanyi, Philipp Schuster, Marlon Boeger, Michael Miethig, Wessel Van Lierop, Philipp Ramhofer and friends parts by Kas Lemmens, Floh Achenrainer and Benny Urban. Edit by Lukas Tielke – good job fellas!

rockON "Propaganda" - FULL MOVIE \\ GIVEAWAYS

now watch and enjoy rockOn’s Propaganda team movie!

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