rockOn SB – Night of the Bird 2nd Trailer

rockOn SB – Night of the Bird 2nd Trailer

The dudes of rockOn SB keep things funny as you can see and don’t give a fuck about shit, dropping you here their second official tease for their Night of the Bird flick. Let’s put it that way: Love it or hate it, but the dudes just have to make fun of snowboarding’s current state, that’s how we see it. When looking on the actual footage of this tease we agree with you, that this is bullshit. No matter what we’re excited to see that second Krautwurst movie, featuring Dani Rajcsanyi, Wessel van Lierop, Philipp Ramhofer, Michael Miethig, Marlon Boeger, Philipp Schuster, David Struber, Boris Bühler and friends. For the rest of 2012’s movie teasers check out our official teaser section.

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