Stonp | „S“ Trippers & Powder Junkies teaser

Spots all over from Europe, to the U.S., Japan and more. The Stonp crew is the Japanese deal and comes up with their 2011 film teaser, called „S“ Trippers & Powder Junkies“. We don’t know if that „S Trippers“ might come from some darker experience the dudes might have had, while travelling though some „flatlands“ over here in Europe, but what we do know is, that these definitely got style and deliver one of the best teasers, we might have seen till now from Japan in this season. The flick by Kiyomasa Kawasaki includes riding by Kazuhiro Kokubo, Yusaku Horii, Kotaro Kamimura, Takaharu Nakai, Yuta Kiyohara, Yoshinari Uemura, Teddy Koo, Masaomi Harada, Syuhei Sato, Akihiro Sato, Hiroumi Fujimoto, Kohei Kudo, Fumiyuki Murakami, Daisuke Murakami, Kodai Watanabe, Masaharu “Masai” Nakao, Shota Suzuki, Shunsuke Hoshino, Yuma Abe, Masaki Toda, Kazushige Fujita and more.

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