Flo Corzelius‘  „B-Shots“ from Northstar and Boreal

Flo Corzelius’  “B-Shots” from Northstar

21-year old SkateDeluxe rider Flo Corzelius is not only one hell of a gentleman and helps grannies taking icy downstairs while having a session, but also is the current word of mouth in German freestyle snowboarding. This is him sending it at Northstar and Boreal with some b-shots. Where the a-footy is going to, we will tell you soon when having one nice feature for you coming up. Flo just got a new gloves sponsor and is keeping his hands warm now with Radical Gloves. Beside that he also made it recently into the Volcom team and also rides for Skatedeluxe, Endeavor Snowboards (International Team since recently), Electric Visual, and Airhole. Now someone tell this kid that we’re in crisis ..haha.

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