Welcome to our friends section.

These are our friends and partners down here. Sites and people, who inspire us with their work and way of looking on snowboarding or on subculture in general. Please check them out ..you’re damn sure to find some rad stuff there!

You Go First Collective

You Go First Collective \\ ..formerly known as Yu-Go First, this rad crew has re-newed their name ’n concept and is one of today’s most web-ruling snowboard posees you’ll find!

Aunti Films

Aunti Films \\ Colorado locals that bring back the punk and just kick ass!

The Army Snowboarding

The Army Snowboarding \\ Austrian up and comers that deliver sick snowboarding!

Different Vision Productions Snowboards

Different Vision Productions a.k.a. DVP \\ Italy’s finest!

Stinky Family

Stinky Family \\ the most funky socks you’ll ever see!

Grobes Haus Video Productions

Grobes Haus \\ a babe that will continue making noise around here, that’s for sure.

Now Snowboarding

Now Snowboarding \\ Now that’s what I call Snowboarding!

shayboarder.com | blue copy
Shayboarder \\ The World of Snowboarding through Fembot Eyes

go-shred | your ride to the snow
go-shred \\ your ride to the snow

YoBeat Magazine
YoBeat \\ making fun of snowboarding since 1997

LivingProof new friend of ShredOn Magazine
Living Proof Magazine \\ grass-roots quality art/urban/music and more!

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