what we do

We -that is Edouard & Mike- are two regular „Communications & Marketing“ students, simply wanting to give something back to what we love. Snowboarding, Skating and Surfing. We want to give our best to provide information, videos and fun in here. Till now, we probably will just cover snowboarding and surfing so far, but are still searching for someone to do the skateboarding thing here. If you want to join us and you think you are that one, please feel free to contact us, but please be also aware of the fact to need to show certain commitment to this, as well as love and time and we will be glad to talk.

Please write us if you have any further advice how to improve this blog and also criticise (but contructively please), no matter if it is good or bad stuff. In the beginning this will take some time to get rolling but we will try hard and once we are there, this baby will work as hell!

Dueing to the fact that Edouard is French and Mike is Spanish-German, we have to blog obviously in English to guarantee certain unique comprehension in here, but what might also have positive effect gaining more followers on the web we guess. Everything is improvable here, further steps and categories are planned but will take some time. Progress..

So start reading and don‘t waste your time on some stupid ego-based blog entry, written by some failed wanna-be pros and start reading! =)


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