Bangkok Uber Recap

Bangkok Uber Recap

Alright, so here we are back again. Long story short, as you don’t make much money (we did actually none yet..) when running a snowboard online mag, you have to stick to other jobs that actually feed you and pay your rent. Mine just flew me over to Bangkok, yeah I know …poor me, right. Since in Bangkok there ain’t much Snowboarding going on, people over there rather stick to Lady Boys, PingPong shows, good food, parties and Thai Massages but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the snowboard world was on hold. Especially now, that the first resort openings went down and the actual 2014 season is knocking at our doors already, there has been a lot of new full movies coming out on the web, some new teasers, sponsor news and more, so check out our Bangkok Uber Recap and dig out all the stuff you might have missed as we did in the last 2 weeks.

As we could already see a few weeks back, RIDE Snowboards is also working on a new web series called Because of Snowboarding,  that already kicked off with their first three webisode featuring Hana Beaman, Seb Toots and Alex Cantin, but these go much shorter than the last brands’ web series, what makes them watch more easier and you don’t have to stick to an actual short flick length that goes over 12 minutes. Bear Mountain’s latest approach to an own web series called BearMATioN, has been completely released now, so you definitely should make sure to check out the last webisode #4 and #5, watching Bear’s finests going wild. The Lithuanian crew of Hate Hard, just released the teaser of their 2013 flick called Again, which is after their Tough Kids film, their 2nd full length movie, featuring improvable camera skills but solid urban and low budget Snowboarding, featuring Paulius Morkunas, Gytis Morkunas, Sharunas Dambrauskas, Dimi Shubin, Aivaras Dambrauskas, Alanas Gurinas and Skirmantas Skukauskas. Check them out. After this year’s 3rd edition of the Rock a Rail contest in Den Haag, Netherlands (which was a total blast btw), Swedish ripper Kareem El Rafie couldn’t hold on much longer to pull of his 2013 edition of his well known Frontline Railjam in Stockholm, whose recap vid is also totally worth the watch. Postland rider Kas Lemmens again showed what he’s capable of and took home Best Trick at the Double Kinked Rail, plus Best Overall Rider, next to Denis “Bonus” Leontyev, who got 2nd Best Overall Rider and Jaeger Bailey who got Best Trick at the Downrail.

Kas Lemmens at the 2013 Frontline Railjam.

Kas Lemmens going all-in at the 2013 Frontline Railjam in Stockholm | image courtesy by: HOWL Supply.

When talking contests, people are looking forward to our Russian Olympic year in Sotchi and so does Danny Davis. The Michigan local is barely a decade now repping for Burton Snowboards, but since a few weeks officially going head-to-toe so he won’t have to worry much about his future for now and can focus on his pipe skills for Russia next year. Another one who obviously is working insanely hard and private of course for Sotchi, is the flying Tomato Shaun White. According to AWSM, someone –again –uploaded way too early Shaun’s training pipe footy from his private terrain in Perisher, Australia chucking fucking Cab Triple Corks in the pipe. If you were lucky to see it already, good for you. Otherwise: Sorry folks, but the video is obviously already gone, but if someone finds it, we’d appreciate it. Now we know for sure, what sort of Olympic Games we will be watching next year ..great. Snowboard films are pretty hard to actually get hits, since we’re having way too many crews that keep on dropping their bullshit, or really nice snowboard footy on the web. A complete new thing here would be then what the guys from Canada of the Shoulda’ Danished crew are doing in this season: A snowboarding musical., but hold up! It really is entertaining, so don’t you dare judge these heads before watching their Operetta web series, that just dropped their 3rd webisode called Fundraising. Watch it. JP Walker meanwhile relased together with his man Simon Chamberlain a full Jibberish movie featuring the best shots of their 2nd webisode season, called Jibberish  Volume 2. A complete contrast to that urban flick, certainly will be then Jake Blauvelt’s Naturally film by Friday Productions, that first popped out in full length exclusively on TWS and then was out for free for 24hours, so if you’ve missed it, rather check out the film tour dates right here, or pray that it’ll come back online, cause this thing was rad as hell don’t know. French Rip Curl cannon Victor Daviet has released his 2013 full part and since Rip Curl also did some cut downs on their team last season, Jibberish Volume 2 - FULL MOVIEfocusing more on the backcountry party of snowboarding, this is exactly what you get here: Massive backcountry shots. A different shred community, but actually quite close to the French one is Spain and their JKD a.k.a. Jib Kung Do collective, that has been releasing now part by part their 1st ever snowboard flick called Pain in Spain, of which you could already enjoy the parts of Fran Massaguer, Lorenzo Ruiz & Roberto Menacho „Pepino“ and Matias Ian. Next one is coming up next week.

While other people were up working on their season shredits or full films, others were actually up to shred or rate the new film releases of this season. First one obviously relates to the first few openings we’ve had in Europe already, including the MOREBOARDS Stubai Zoo Premiere, that went down from October 18th – 20th , plus the Kaunertal Opening from October 11th – 13th . Film festivals would be the other part then. One is France’s relatively new The Reels festival in Annecy, plus Grenoble’s Snowboard Garden Festival which are both a total must-watch. Good parties, rad people and you get to see all or most of the 2014 Movie Season Films, so what’s not to like, hu?

MFR - the little things

MFR – the little things

The Canadian female rider Marie-France Roy is also working on an own snowboard film, that also features more shred friends of her of course, including Meghann O’Brien, Jeremy Jones, Tamo Campos, Jonaven Moore, Nicolas Müller and Gretchen Bleiler and is called the little things. Talking girls now, the Too Hard posse finally released their 2nd full film called Still Hard and yeah, these babes are good (!), so watch that thing. Talking hard, well ..yeah, we know this one might be a little bit off, but why you pick such names for a snowboard title? The Woodrec crew from Poland of which we never heard before, has released their teaser called Boner and despite of the –call it whatever you want- title, that teaser looks pretty good. A truely must-watch clearly is the latest masterpiece of the Random Bastards called Daggers, who not only provide bad ass snowboarding in all terms as usual, but also do have some not unknown, but new faces from overseas in their 2013 flick, so do yourself a favor and watch that thing by going hereBurton has released the 4th and final short flick webisode of their [SNOWBOARDING] series, called RESORT and now that we’ve already started with the big players, of course there’s Nike with their Never Not edits, of which they have released two more called Ready to Ride and Artist Perspective: Natas Kaupas, that shows you “artist and skateboarding legend Natas Kaupas delves into his art direction behind Nike Snowboarding’s Never Not.“

Some of the more creative stuff you’ll find on the Snowboarding web would be then Signal Snowboards Every Third Thursday series, in which’s last installment Dave Lee and Jake Olsen-Elm find themselves on a serious beer mission, being in Munich’s infamous Oktoberfest, so you already have an idea of this webisode’s topic ..check it out here. Another Euro full film you’ve been pleased with recently is Different Direction „Hound Dogs“, pulled off by Sebi Geiger’s web series, but in a short flick format called Hound Dogs including damn nice snowboarding by Mario Käppeli, Thomas Feurstein, Flo Corzelius, Simon Pircher, Manu Bernert, Steve Grumser and Christian Geiger. One footer Scotty Vine, also has kicked off his Arbor webisode called The Postcard Series, of which you can enjoy the first two webisodes going to Tahoe and Bear & Mammoth already. Also L1’s Merica Tour continued and released número dos, going to Big Bear as well in their latest installment. For those of you who like it more underground will be pumped on the next one. Looking forward to some new Bonezone shreds? Yeah? Don’t you worry, LTC takes care of this one right here. On the sponsoring side of our sport there would be then also Shane Wright on the billboard, since he’s now on Nitro Snowboards. The KBR bunch is releasing their full film also party by part as many others like to do these days, so go over to their Vimeo by clicking here and enjoy the first three parts of their Golden Years flick, that won’t disappoint at all. News we also have received from our neighbors of the island, talking the UK: Grindhouse also has released their 2013 full length film called Mind Games and since the rest of our Bangkok Uber Recap is just full film releases and it’s already hard to read and follow, we’ve put them down here in a list for you:


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