Hotzone.TV Park Opening Hintertux – video report

This year’s Hotzone.TV Park Opening at the Hintertuxer glacier, went down from September 30 – October 2nd and it couldn’t have been better. Gnarly people, perfect weather and a perfect shaped setup in the Betterpark, thanks to park shaper Wille Kaufmann. As we told you already in our first post before the opening went down, there have been lots of side events during these three days. Skate sehs, product testing, Billabong Kids Shoot with pleasuremag photographer „Fischi“, legendary Wax Wreckaz parties and the Argon Films premiere of their first movie project Euphoria (which you can download for free already and is definitely worth a watch!). Overall it was three days with endless fun and everybody was there of the snowboarding names; or at least of the Euros. Marko Grilc, Seppe and Anthony Smits, Markus Keller, Roppe Tonteri, Alex Walch, Herby Thaler, Peter König, Wolle Nyvelt and Seppi Scholler. Watch the full report and see what you’ve missed in these three days!

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