7/9/13 launches Webstore

7/9/13 launches Webstore

The Helgason brothers, Eiki and Halldør are all about snowboarding and throwing frequently new stuff out, weither it is new rad footage of their contests or bunch of party / fun stuff, or products on the market. Besides their own board company -Lobster Snowboards- they also got these unique shoelace belts brand now, called 7/9/13. The fanpage is on and so is finally the real website, which comes along with an own webstore, including a full range of these sick looking belts and some cool lifestyle apparel. Their team got already introduced a couple of weeks back, which includes the two Helgasons, Scott Stevens, Jake Olson-Elm, Chris Grenier, Aaron Biittner, Eero Ettala, Nick Dirks, Leo Crawford, Johnnie Paxson, Ryan Paul, Ulrik Badertscher, E-Man Anderson, Gulli Gudmundsson and Risto Ruokla. Check the website to find out everything about the 7/9/13 products, where to get them, how to wear these belts, the latest shred vids and team/company updates.

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