Core Snowboard Camps 2013 Season

Core Snowboard Camps 2013 Season

As already mentioned not long ago, but Windells and HCSC are clearly not the only ones out there offering solid camp experience for you heads out there. The Core Snowboard Camps in Whistler-Blackcomb by Turner Montgomery, are already more than a decade in the game and can look back on a long term experience and also in-depth knowledge about Freeride and Freestyle Snowboarding and that’s the point. Being based in Whistler these guys take advantage of their natural surroundings and not only offer the let’s say „basic freestyle stuff“, but also legit Freeride Camps in particular or a solid mixture of both. Check out their camp offers and figure out if an in-depth base of Freeride knowledge ain’t also worth to spend that amount of money you would spend anyways for a camp nowadays, but still though being surrounded by a smaller and consequently also more familiar group of people, that make some stuff more easy during the camp probably. Check out their 2013 season edit!

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