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\\ the idea

Are you sick of all these wanna-be green companies claiming to offer the easiest way to actually do something for our environment, but in the end telling you how to turn your complete lifestyle upside down? Us too, but Stinky Socks is different. Stinky Socks and Ride For Earth teamed up to work out and drop a really simple and useful concept to put the green thumb on (not that Cypress Hill green thumb you’re thinking of now, punks). The Stinky Socks are a brand new designed product that allows you to keep wearing technical featured socks for your sport and everyday life, but at the same time planting a tree for mother earth. No shovels included, calm down but with each pair of Stinky socks you buy, Ride For Earth plants a tree for you in Austria and is already working on expanding the planting locations also to your country.

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\\ Ride for Earth & Stinky

Ride for Earth has already helped lots of people planting a tree for every board, ski and bike they own, focusing on action sports of all kind and getting more and more athletes to join them in order to spread the word and support this rad concept, including legend Terje Håkonsen, Bryan Iguchi, TTR World Tour champion Jamie Anderson, Marco Smolla or our friends of the Ninja Squad.

Stinky socks joined that movement, in order to find bigger masses and people who care and share common interests and are ready to do something for the planet. Being quite a young brand devoted on the idea of encouraging boldness, fun and creativity in everyday life, Stinky is inspired by those who never stop but always remember that having a good time is more important, than proving competitive dominance in sports and daily life and want to make a difference by supporting our environment.

\\ product in detail

Stinky Earth is designed to provide all the necessary comfort. The long ribbing supports the sock to insure maximum strength and fitting. The fabric has been treated with the typical Stinky antiseptic and anti-moisture technique so your feet stay fresh and clean. By buying Stinky Earth you not only continue to enjoy your favorite sport or style, but you also help the Earth to deal with the CO2 we all produce. 

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