taking a look behind the Garbage Gang

taking a look behind the Garbage Gang header

One year ago, our attention got caught by a bunch of snowboarders, who looked quite professional on their video production and their website presentation from the start off. The riding was quite improvable at that point, but still though let the viewers know, how serious these guys meant it and how hungry they were. Hungry for what? To succeed on becoming real snowboard pros? Maybe. Nobody would really miss out on that chance when having it, right? What we’re talking about here though, is being around with your friends, shredding together of course, doing a few trips, push each other’s riding and enjoy good times. Getting to know more people of the same tribe let’s say, who got the same way of looking at things and share similar values. “The Garbage Gang, hu?” Sketchy name, that’s for sure. We started chasing all their content there was on the web and “..damn! These dudes are Italian!” the next thing was. Never heard really of any bigger snowboard collective coming from Italy and especially not jibbing ones.

the Garbage Gang

the Gang - one third with a joker grin and shades, another third posing and a last third busy on the phone

For being kind of “underground” it still looked like they’d have sort of a hype going down on the web. That let us also expect to find something bigger and more budgetized behind it –you wish! Low-budget that’s it. Means no-sponsor shit here and the cash that is in your pockets is the shred you can have that season, sorry kid. The Garbagers started teasing the shit out of the world wide web for their third shred flick, which was called “Believers” and released that one in last year’s fall. Solid production and a full length feature, just about having fun snowboarding with your friends.

Garbage Gang’s ‚Believers‘ movie in full length!

When watching the first real footage of this season, we were pretty surprised. The riding looked way more better than last season ago. Has time really passed that quick? It was not even half a season since the last footage got dropped. More steeze, less slams, higher trick level and also new friends. Postlanders from the Flatlands shredding with these Italian headz, how cool is that?

one stinky Garbage finger ..cheers Signore de Palma!

one stinky Garbage finger ..never give a fuck

Following and supporting these dudes from bella Italia, we finally hooked up with them now quite spontaneously for their upcoming 2012 movie, “Who cares?” Their Garbagers edits looked quite promising and also other folks of the snowboarding circus were attracted to work with the dudes on a real project, willing to spend money on something more than just Spaghetti-fun wanna be snowboarding. This is more Godafther’s Corleone style this time and being so, the Garbage Gang is super stoked to show you this year their first real sponsor movie. We asked Marco (“Johnny” Morandi), who does the cut, rides and is sort of a sixth man at the gang, to tell us a bit more about his family and leave us some notes. In the end Marco left us surprisingly a full written text and we thought that it would be best, that you read his words directly instead of any changed or differently painted bullshit we would make up..

Marco at work, checking up the shot with Devid

Marco at work, checking up the shot with Devid

\\ Marco:

„Before I introduce who and what we are I want to say thanks to you guys. We used to always thank people at the end of interviews but I want to change that now. It’s good to be here and I’m really glad to talk to you. Most of us come from Milan, but you can also find Garbagers in Turin and elsewhere in Italy. Snowboarding is the biggest aspect of our crew and now we’ve got homies in Holland, Spain and France too. We had to find a way to escape from this sick society. Here in Italy the culture is really bad and boring, but I’m not here to talk about that stuff. Most of us love snowboarding, but that’s not everything we do. We have homies that love skateboarding, others that love music, and they do those things very well. I guess we are just a bunch of friends with the same point of view on life, and we just call it the Garbage Gang.

as Marco said ..Snowboarding ain't necessarily everything the Garbage Gang is about, but they got love for everything that vibes with it and action sports in general of course

as Marco said ..Snowboarding ain't necessarily everything the Garbage Gang is about, but they got love for everything that vibes with it and action sports in general of course

We were born about 7 years ago in a Mc Donalds but to be honest, the name came from a trick called „hot garbage“, which was the hottest trick around 5 or 6 years ago. After an entire day trying to land that fucking trick we realized „garbage“ was a great (and appropriate) name for our crew, but that’s not the only reason. Like I told you, we come from Milan and seriously, it’s total garbage there compared to the white mountains. We started with a small compact camera filming ourselves. Now we’re just getting better, year by year. I hope I can keep going on this journey for a long time. Now, after 3 no-sponsored low-budget videos, we’re working on our first real movie called WHO CARES? Thanks to the support of WELL, SKULLCANDY, ROUGH, SPY and DOORS. It will be dropping in October and I think it’ll be a great movie. We filmed all winter long in the North-West of Italy and at the end of the winter season we organized a tour across Italy, Switzerland and France. The idea is to do a tour around Italy, filming as much as possible in the streets, finding new spots and new locations. I think we’ve done what we like to do in the best way we’re able to. Like always we just want to be together, travel together and shred together as much as possible, since we’re friends first and foremost.“

the family ..fooling around and just hanging all together ..GOOD TIMES

the family ..fooling around and just hanging all together ..GOOD TIMES

As said, the Garbage Gang will release this year their first sponsor video, called Who Cares? and will come out in October this year, featuring badass Italian riding by Marco Morandi, Devid De Palma, Matteo Ferraris, Matteo Tuberosa, Jacopo Lazzari, Achille Mauri, Mich Dalle, Michele Lobrano, Gianmarco Maiocco, Isidor Diaz Coma, Thibaut Pomarat


Garbage Gang’s ‚Who Cares?‘ Teaser

..for more info on the Garbage Gang, where you can also check out more of their skateboarding and other things they do, check out www.garbagefamily.com or stop by at their Facebook Fanpage to become a fan, keep updated with their stuff and show them some love!

why the F ..Garbage BBQ

why the fuck should we post an action shot, that's an in-depth article getting personal on the crew ..rather check out their last year's 'Believers' movie or the 'Who Cares?" teaser!

\\ all pictures are taken by Ph. Ilaria Troisi or come straight out of the Garbage …GANG!

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