„KidsKNOW Distribution“ launched!

"KidsKNOW Distribution" launched!

The snow gods have answered the age-old question, “Who is the one stop shop for ONLY the best snowboard titles?” kidsKNOW distribution has stepped up to the plate to be the only package media distributor to focus their efforts on only the most acclaimed snowboarding films for the 2011/2012 season.

The KidsKNOW team is made up of industry veterans: Sales Manager Kyle Kennedy formerly of Snowboarder Magazine, 2011 TWS Movie of the Year producer Joe Carlino, Videograss director Justin Meyer, and pro shredder/ Holden co-owner/ Videograss co-owner Mikey LeBlanc.

KidsKNOW’s approach is simple: Be the best choice for the industry’s most accomplished producers to place their films in the most respected snowboard retail locations in the US,

-Kyle Kennedy

We’ve started kidsKNOW by picking only the best videos from the worlds best producers. Our focus is to have a great business structure built on integrity, honesty and passion for snowboard progression.

-Mikey LeBlanc

Kids Know is proud to be the US exclusive distributor for the following films:

Absinthe Films: Twe12ve

Videograss: Shoot the Moon

Think Thank: Ransack Rebellion

Videograss: Retrospect” (A film By Joe Carlino, 2011 TWS Rider Poll Movie of the Year for In Color)

FODT/MFM: Familia 2

Peepshow: Winter Wars

Videograss: Trick tips

Givin: One

This Fall kidsKNOW will also be offering Brainfarm’s, “ The Art of Flight, “ Capita’s, “Defenders of Awesome,” and Rome’s, “The Shred Riains.”

Mikey and Absinthe Films go way back and have a mutual understanding of what snowboard movies mean in this industry. When Mikey approached us about the idea of collaborating with kidsKNOW to create a new distribution network in the US we knew this was gonna be a perfect fit for us. A fresh new constellation of bringing you the best from the best.

-Patrick Armbruster-Absinthe Films

The realest video companies pushing the riding and the art in every direction imaginable

– Jesse Burtner, Think Thank

Finally some real snowboarders took the bull by the horns and are gonna put these films in the hands of the right shops and kids out there.

-Marc Frank Montoya-MFM and FODT

Kyle and the rest of the kidsKNOW crew are first and foriost snowboarders that know the needs of retailers, riders, and producers alike. With a solid library of titles for their first year, shops are stoked to have thi in the game.

-Mike Lewis-Transworld Business


kidsKNOW starts shipping to stores August 29st 2011.

Please visit our website at: www.kidsknowdist.com and follow us on Facebook @ www.facebook.com/kidsknowdistribution

If you are outside the USA, kidsKNOW has assibled an experienced and talented international partner program to handle a majority of these titles.


Good Question Supplies GmbH & Co. KG

Weinrufstr. 4a

55234 Biebelnheim


Phone: +49 6131 9073942

Fax: +496131 9073943





5475 Pare, Suite 102

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

H4P 1P71

800-429- 5751




Good Question Supplies GmbH & Co. KG

Weinrufstr. 4a

55234 Biebelnheim


Phone: +49 6131 9073942

Fax: +496131 9073943




Wood Morning S.r.l.

Via di Portonaccio 23/B

Tel: +39 06 43251922




Maneuverline, Inc.

3-8-2 Miyoshi Kotoku

Tokyo, Japan

Zip 135-0022

TEL 03-5245-3113

FAX 03-5245-3114





No Way AG


8045 Zürich

T:++41 – 43 – 268 66 99



If you are looking for these titles in another country please feel free to drop us a line and we will connect you to the appropriate kidsKNOW distributor. Or if you are a distributor interested in offering these products, feel free to hit up Kyle Kennedy at: sales@kidsknowdist.com or call: (760) 452-6843

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