Nixon had its 2012 inaugural event of the Art Mosh. The Nixon Art Mosh is a rotating art installation open for one evening of fun featuring artwork from Nixon team, friends and local area artists, of the respective location, going down on several locations

Nixon Art Mosh: Munich

Nixon Art Mosh: Munich

world wide. The first 2012 Art Mosh went down in Munich on January 29th and 30th. Worlds of snow, skate, surf, as well as art, music and general sub culture were united in two dope nights. What an Art Mosh looks like, you can check out here.

What was an own event on these two nights, became basically the event opener of something else going down afterwards in the

Bavarian capital. The annual ispo sports trade show. Some good old miniramp comps like every year, same as the usual hangovers from day #2 on, because you’re not capable of picking just one of the parties and handle the booze. The most awaited and or surprising stuff has been for sure JF Plechats’s Now Bindings, Bataleon’s brand new outerwear, same as the infamous Switchback Bindings of which everybody was talking about months ago and dying to see and in the end turned out to be eehm, some usual bindings. New tech in here? Hell no! The biggest difference between the Switchbacks and other bindings is for sure that

Switchback Bindings

Switchback Bindings: with and without highback

they’re sold basically piece by piece. You get a package, of which you chose the color of every single piece of your binding, which makes each binding an unique product. Bravo. Another thing is that Switchback Bindings guarantees you to be able to ride their bindings without a highback, but how this looks or feels like – we can’t tell you. The baseplate, as well as the strap position is adjustable without any tool. A quick video ad here. The Now Binding system indeed is something new. The bindings come in black and white and are giving –so the general feedback so far- an outstanding comfort so they say and provide flex and better transmission of power at the same time as contradictious it might sound like. Besides that you can chose how hard or soft the lay on the board, by picking between three different pads. Pirate legend Gigi Rüf surprised a few days before already at the SIA in Denver by presenting his own board brand: Slash Snowboards. On the team so far are besides the Austrian pirate himself, also Oregon ripper Johnnie Paxson.

As a dope ass addition to the young Euro X-Games in Tignes, France the brains behind thought about setting up a Real Snow video contest for the Euro version as well, but not featuring urban edits, but backcountry sick is that?! Round #2 just ended but we haven’t got any results yet. On one side it was between Gigi Rüf  vs. Jussi Oksanen and Nicolas Müller vs. John Jackson, but lately Nicolas was laying back and Gigi was exactly even with Jussi, so get over there and wait up for the final round to begin, to leave your votes for one of the two final riders!

Nixon and our friends over at Desillusion Magazine teamed up for a project featuring Trevor ”Trouble” Andrew, called „This is Trouble“. Remember him? Trevor used to be a snowboard pro but is nowadays an artist and musician as well, even though there might be still coming out some snowboard products featuring his person.  They followed him on a journey around Brooklyn and NYC, showing the city, its people, music and art scene out of Trouble’s very own perspective, while sharing his vision of life and the board sports culture ..worth to watch.

Something completely different is about this dude we all didn’t see a while ago: David Benedek. David is a pro which the younger

Current State: Snowboarding

Current State: Snowboarding - in the end two books but one unique piece of art

readers here might not really know that much. Well, he’s done quite everything to be honest. Afterbang and Lame are quite some   milestones in his personal movie madness and for sure speaking generally for snowboarding movies ..own production company, snowboard docus, Air & Style win and even own contests like the Gap Session and more stuff. But David disappeared now a while ago already from the big screens and major contests. Why? Well, we don’t know yet but one good god damn reason might be his latest project. When the first words dropped that David wanted to do a book project, which will be released quite limited, everybody got stoked on that, knowing how this dude’s passion for the sport and everything he does looks like. Time passed and in the end it took him only three years with delay, after delay to finish it and almost make us kill him for that! But it got out now. Current State: Snowboarding it is called and features really cool photography and interviews with some of the most inspiring persons of our sport. Some older personalities and some younger ones. Artistic design work to the fullest and overall a beautiful piece of art. In the end it is actually two books which are bound together at one side and need to be paged together. Get your copy soon as long as you can, ‘cause they will be going quick.

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