#WTF Are You ..Yopis?!

#WTF Are You ..Yopis?! HEADER

Alright, since we threw out that 5 head race in our last Courtizzle feature (check here), we thought it only would be cool for the guys to give the one with the most votes an interview and by doing so also introduce a new interview series called “#WTF Are You ..?!”. The point is you no names and up and comers __ LOCALS. David Lopez-Mateos a.k.a. Yopis is the lucky bastard, who won the first one here. READ ON.

ShredOn: Who the fuck are you David?!

David: HAHAHA, I am a guy that tries to live as much I can.

SOM: For real: Where are you from, how old are you and what is it that you’re doing right now in life ..school? College? Got a job?

David: I was born in a little town in the mountains called Ordino, in Andorra, I’m 22 and currently trying to study at an online college.

SOM: How often do you shred and where?

David: My first place where I tried snowboarding was in Arcalis, (Vallnord) best place to freeride in Andorra and one of the best in Spain for suuuuuure!

#WTF Yopis Wallride

As Yopis said: Andorra IS good to free ride, but even if weather sucks he always finds a spot to shred. Just like in this shot here by Alba, catching Yopis on this FS Wall | photo by: Alba Pardo Tatché.

SOM: What would your homies say when I ask them what your weaknesses and strengths are?

David: To answer this question, I have to ask my homies first and right now they are too high for anything ..hahaha!

SOM: Bastards. What do you do, if not snowboarding?

David: I like to listen to music with my homies, skate or surf.

SOM: Why do they call you Yopis?

David: Hahahaha. Earlier I was in the federation when I was around 15 and my trainer told me, “Lopez” wouldn’t be an Andorran name, but ”Yopis “ would be like Lopez in Catalan, which is wrong! He said he wouldn’t care, but started telling everybody that my name was Yopis and so everybody started calling me that. Dumb story, but real ..hahahahahahaha.

SOM: Do you care about snowboard politics ..like the FIS issue with the Olympics and others?

David: I try to respect everything, and if they don’t harm snowboarding, I don’t really care, but FIS focuses on snowboarding like any other sport and for most of the riders it’s more than a sport – it’s a lifestyle.

SOM: How did you start snowboarding and what gear do you ride?

David: I started to snowboard thanks to my uncle, he was teaching me when I was a kid and thanks to my father, who bought me my first board.

#WTF Yopis Noseslide

„..and when I’m older paps, I want to do BS Noseslides BS 270 offs. You’ll see!“ | photo by: Alba Pardo Tatché.

I ride for Protest, HandLimited gloves, Smith, Vans and if I need a board I get itby a friend or buy it from one.

SOM: Any motivation fighting to get pro or do you rather ride for yourself?

David: My only motivation right now is simply riding as much I can.

SOM: Do you do any trips to ride since you already live in Andorra?

David: I have been in different places in Europe and two times to Tahoe.

SOM: Is there anything you hate about snowboarding today, or do you like it how it is?

David: I hate people who are in snowboarding just for money.

SOM: Park Vs. Backcountry?

David: I ride more park, because here we don’t have so much snow to hit the backcountry every day, so…..

SOM: Cheese Vs. Ham?

David: Jamón Jamón!


SOM: Double Cork Vs. BS One?

David: Whatever, but landing on the knuckle!

SOM: Helmet Vs. Bandana?

David: Leopard thong.

SOM: Camber Vs. Rocker?

David: I don’t really give a fuck.

SOM: Alright David, that was it. I’m done with you here, no offense ;) Any last words, shout outs, bad jokes, or good stories?

David: PEACE and…….. harlalalagralalalhrlrlrlgalah!

SOM: Agree!

/// Photo courtesy for Header graphic by Suray Fernandez.


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