2012 Frontline Rail Jam RECAP

2012 Frontline Rail Jam RECAP

The infamous Frontline Rail Jam event hosted by Kareem El Rafie in Stockholm, Sweden for the 8th time, went down last weekend and you could even follow it live via webcast. Knowing you people, you probably spent that day hangovering or something and missed it, that’s why we leave you here with the recap edit by the guys of FL Clothing, so that you can enjoy the best moments of it. In case that ain’t enough we got for you the entire 45min. edit of the final in fill length by clicking here. ENJOY!

\\ Results 2012 Frontline Rail Jam:

Overall Winner: Marc Swoboda
2nd Overall: Wojtek Pawlusiak
Best Trick Flat Bar: Halldør Helgason
Best Trick Kink Rail: Ludde Lejkner

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