Jermy Flores wins The Billabong Pipe Masters

| Parkinson wins 3rd Triple Crown|

Flores Pipemaster

Jeremy Flores (FRA | 22) has proven perfect control of tube riding. Winning the Billabong Pipe Masters, he also did some history in surfing, becoming the very first European surfer to win this prestigious contest in Oahu/Hawaii. Jeremy did a great race during the competition, dedicated in memory of recently passed away surfer Andy Irons.

Joel Parkinson (AUS | 29) was also quite a winner on that day, taking the third consecutive Vans Triple Crown for his own. Besides Jeremy‘s (Flores) nice victory at the Pipe Masters, he also beat 10 times World Champion Kelly Slater (USA) in semi-finals, with a really persistent strategy ride the waves, in order to take the lead of the best surfer in the world. He rode a very long barrel at the last minute and consequently making it into the finale, against veteran Kieren Pierrow (AUS).

Jeremy did a incredibly good contest, leaving behind strong competitors like Taj Burrow (AUS), Owen Wright (AUS) and surf legend Kelly Slater (USA). For him „it was like a drem come true“ he said and considering his young age of 22, on winning this competition, there is probably nothing else to say!

Thanks to Jeremy for putting French and European surfing on the top of the world and all the best for his promising future career!

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