JP Walker’s Handplant Holiday

JP Walker's Handplant Holiday

As some of you might have read on the web lately, the Don a.k.a. JP Walker pulled of an own invitational called the Handplant Holiday, which is more or less based on the Jibfest’s principles: A private invitational contest by and for the riders, enjoying good times with a mellow setup and creativity all the way with some of the most talented heads out there, no matter if we’re talking legends like Jeremy Jones, current pioneers on the jibs such as Chris Grenier or Scott Stevens for example, or editors such as Pat Bridges. Overall, this event really looks to have been one rad day up at Bear Mountain with JP Walker, Jeremy Jones, Simon Chamberlain, Scott Stevens, Marko Grilc, Chris Grenier, Cody Rosenthal, Tim Eddy, Ben Bilocq and special guest Dave Downing and Dale Rehberg.

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