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So now it’s on. Well, not now actually but there are just a few hours left until the looong awaited Nike 6.0 Air & Style (TTR 6 Star) will kick off! And why should there be just one, or  two if we can have in total three (yeah, you heard me) Air & Style events in just one season. The (first time introduced to Asia) event in Beijing, China (presented by Shaun White) was already quite successful and the recent Billabong event in Innsbruck was just way too heavy. Double Frontflip Nosegrabs and the first ever landed BS Doublecork 1440 on a contest, which was huge! But the Air & Style tomorrow will not just only consist of the typical main big air event. Before the big air starts, there is the big super finale of the Nike 6.0 Stairset Battle Tour, in which nine jibmasters from all over Europe qualified and won their ticket for this finale in the Olympic stadium in Munich. The event tour was each time more surprising, with its trick level and the riders really did not care much about injuries, willing simply to get their ticket to Munich. But here it is: In the super finale (TTR 3 Star) those nine riders will compete against quite a lineup. Marc Swoboda, Mike Casanova, or Jamie Nicholls are just a few ones of them. If you have followed the SBT before, you know that it will be a huge jib contest! And what is there not to like, when you can enjoy a really cool jib contest, before watching an even bigger big air?!


The pairings for tomorrow’s big air event have been put online just a few hours ago, but what in god’s name?!

The pairings are just way too exciting. Iouri „I-Pod“ vs. Ethan Morgan and a local battle between Zillertal riders Werni Stock & Peter König.  Have a look on the pairings below, you won’t get disappointed.

Ethan Morgan (GER) – Iouri Podlatchikov (SUI)
Mason Aguirre (USA) – Seppe Smits (BEL)
Halldør Hellgason (ISL) – Janne Korpi (FIN)
Peter König (AUT) – Werni Stock (AUT)
Nils Arvidsson (SWE) – Markus Malin (FIN)
Christian Haller (SUI) – Seb Toutant (CAN)
Ulrik Badertscher (NOR) – Sage Kotsenburg (USA)
Markku Koski (FIN) – Peetu Piiroinen (FIN)

watch it | program guide

Again as last week before, freecaster and this time German pay TV channel Sport 1 are the main partners of this exciting event tomorrow. Click here or go directly to the post, to watch one of the finest snowboard contest this season will be able to offer and see it live! For those who speak German we also do have a nice extra for you, thanks to the guys from pleasuremag. Check out here the official program guide!

Broadcast starts: 16:15h (CET)

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