Alright so here we are, ..finally.

Back again? Hell yeah, you can bet your first Wildcats movies on this.

Where the changes at? ..coming.

What happened, why this huge break? Several things …eeehm, shit happens, difficult to explain. Screw it.

Bottom line: We had to figure out some things, are back for good now and won’t break down again ..that easy.

The contest circus is on fire right now and lots of shit happened out there. Plenty of Big Air comps, World Championships, urban art events, video contests and some first early teasers are already online.

Last (3) recaps now here and daily posts as usual from now on, word.


The Billabong Air & Style, which went down as usual at the Bergisel Stadium in Austria on February 4th was a complete success. Niklas Mattsson, Peetu Piiroinen, Seppe Smits and Seb Toutant were the ones to rock the final, but in the end it was Peetu Piiroinen (FIN) to win the contest with a BS 12 Mute, in front of Seppe Smits (2. – BEL) and Ståle Sandbech (3. – NOR). What left us mouth wide open last automn ago with a sick ass movie, stroke back on that same contest night of the Air & Style but on the other side of the globe: The Travis Rice Red Bull squad. The long awaited event of the Red Bull Supernatural in Baldface, Canada had its inaugural happening with almost 20 of the best riders worldwide. Also invited have been two of the younger pros, Mark McMorris and Sage Kotsenburg. This new one of a kind event bringing together the worlds of freestyle and freeride,

Supernatural Podium FLTR

Supernatural Podium FLTR: Gigi Rüf (2.), Travis Rice (1.), Nicolas Müller (3.) - photo by: TWSNOW

might be the beginning of a new contest type, bringing more creativity into competition and requiring overall skills by the riders of course. The course consisted of a steep run filled with plenty of jumps, pillows and other natural features, before a triple kickerline to finish the course. It was the Brainchild of the event Travis Rice to win the contest, followed by Gigi Rüf (AUT) on 2nd and Nicolas Müller (SUI) on 3rd spot. The best trick went to John Jackson with his BS Double Cork 10 on the final kicker.

But there has been another new contest to step up into the TTR series. The Rip Curl Stars of the Podium in Lahti, Finland is a new TTR 4 Star event, which will help the Scandi and especially Finnish snowboarding scene to get more media coverage and audience on an international level, as one of the most potential snowboarding hot spots in Europe for upcoming riders. Even the -20° Celsius (-4° Fahrenheit), couldn’t keep more than 10’000 spectators to join this event. Spinning machine Roope Tonteri (FIN) took the win with a massive Cab Double Cork 9 and a BS 12, followed by Hans Kestilä (FIN) with a Cab 9 and a FS 9. The 3rd spot went to Janne Lipsanen (FIN), who had a really tough and close battle with Markkus Koski (FIN) but could make his thing in

Eero Ettala at Toyota Big Air

Eero is getting ready ..clearly

the end with a huge FS 9 and a Double Frontflip, due to Markku couldn’t land his second jump after having stomped a BS 10.

On that same night but more far east another old friend of the Big Air contest series went down in the Saporo Dome in Japan: The Toyota Big Air. For one rider in particular this one indeed was special somehow. Eero Ettala. That pour dude has been under an injury curse or something and could finally return on that night after almost two years of contest absence and even could land on 3rd spot together with Antoine Truchon (CAN), before getting kicked by our new Slopestyle World Champion Chas Guldemond (USA), who got 2nd  and Scotty Lago (USA), who was another kind surprise to be seen there and win this contest, which is apparently no longer an official TTR event no more.

part II dropping..

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