Postland’s Catscratch World Premiere

Postland's Catscratch World Premiere

Our Dutch friends over from the Postland Theory will bring out this year their second full length feature that is called Catscratch. After last year’s first ever Momentum movie (watch the full thing here), the guys can look back at one rad season and you all can look excitingly forward to watch that new flick soon. October 12th is the date on which you rather clear your schedule and everything else that might prevent you from coming to Supermarkt in Den Haag in Netherlands on 23:30h, which is followed by one hell of a after party including the Rock a Rail event by Monster and music by The Holograms. So what, ..ain’t that a sick fucking premiere party that you definitely don’t want to miss or what?!

..full info on the event on Facebook here!

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