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Also on the second day of the RIDE Shakedown in Germany, the weather was on the event’s side.

Local hero André Kuhlmann (GER) was in attendance, making it through to the final with a 6th. In the end Jamie Nicholls (GBR) came out on top as the first winner of the RIDE Shakedown Germany.

The 18-year-old youngstar from Bradford, England took the win and also a € 15’000 prize money. The most impressive run by Nicholls, included Cab 1080 on the kicker, followed by Half-Cab, 50/50, 270-out on the flat rail. On the jump before, Nicholls sent it with a BS 1080 Double Cork, hitting the flat rail 50/50, 270-out on a second equally sick run. Riding on a contest like Nicholls did, and who equally claimed second place in the day before’s Rail Jam, you just can be all smiling ear-to-ear.

“I’m super happy about the event everyone killed it and I’m glad it turned out good. The jump and the rail setup were amazing; it feels good to be on the podium. It’s my first win in the TTR-Tour, for sure I’ll be back next year!”

Competitor Matts Kulisek (CAN), also proved his skills in this competition, making second place and winning € 8’000 “purse“. Luka Jeromel (SLO) came in close third, winning € 4’000.

Though the event had its first time now in Germany, it is celebrating its 10th anniversary in Canada. Patryck Bernier and Brendan O’Dowd, founders of the RIDE Shakedown, were impressed by the event’s turn-out in Germany.

“The people here in Garmisch-Partenkirchen really warmed up to us and to the event. Not far from 5’000 people were at the RIDE Shakedown both Friday and Saturday! The crowd was full of energy and the riders really gave them a good show, it was a remarkable first event. We are definitely returning to the Alps for an encore”.

The RIDE Shakedown will go next week (March 18-19), to the States to Summit at Snoqualmie, before heading to its native Mont Saint-Sauveur in Canada for ist special 10th “birthday“

The founders say it’s been a great milestone year so far for the now international event. The riders, the crowd and the orginzers themselves have been incredibly stoked. The success of this first time in Germany is unquestionable. Also German rider André Kuhlmann, is already talking about next year’s event and the organizers are looking forward to plan the next German edition of the RIDE Shakedown.

Results RIDE Shakedown Europe – Final:
1. Jamie Nicholls (GBR)
2. Matts Kulisek (CAN)
3. Luka Jeromel (SLO)
4. Simen Neraker (NOR)
5. Havard Bergheim (NOR)
6. Andre Kuhlmann (GER)
7. Nuutti Niemelä (FIN)
8. Hubert Fill (AUT)
9. Reto Kestenholz (SUI)
10. Niklas Mattsson (SWE)
11. Florian Corzelius (AUT)
12. Roger Schuler (SUI)

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