Wängl Tängl review on the last 10 years – part I + II

Wängl Tängl review on the last 10 years

Each year the legendary snowboard contestival goes down and turns the entire Mayrhofen area into a complete blast, featuring the best snowboarders, awesome music acts of all kinds, street art, skate and snowboard team contests and lots of parties of course. This year the Wängl Wängl celebrated it’s 10th anniversary and the dudes over at Rebel.TV did for that a small docu/review on the infamous Ästhetiker event, including interviews with the Ästhetikers behind and stuff of this year’s event of course and stay tuned for part III to drop soon.

Wängl Tängl 2012 – part I – the review on the last 10 years

Wängl Tängl 2012 – part II Snowboard Quali

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