5-Points Courtizzle for an interview – Meisberger / Lopez / Maiocco / Podlogar / Rauter


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Since we’ve been on the other side of the globe in Asia for a little while, the amount of video edits we’ve found in our inbox were quite a lot more than usually when coming back. We went threw all of them right now and since we don’t want to keep you waiting more weeks until you find your edit on ShredOn, we thought to put the best of them in one new Courtizzle feature, fighting this time for a little interview. The #WTF Are You ..?! interviews will be a new series here, that we will use from time to time to give some of you heads out there a little bit more spotlight if you want so. So here it goes again. Five heads that sent us their season edit, highlights, b-footage ..whatever, but all of them are good riders. Everyone with an own idea of Snowboarding talking style of riding, trick level, urban or backcountry, but also music and how well their thing is edited. You pick your favorite and join that online poll, or tell them all to fuck off. Whatever floats your boat son!

  • Maximilian Meisberger (Austria)
  • David Lopez-Mateos (Andorra)
  • Gian Marco Maiocco (Italy)
  • Luka Podlogar (Slovenia)
  • Patrick Rauter (Austria)


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