AA Films – One More Time Teaser

AA Films – One More Time Teaser

The Polish bunch of AA Films dropped their 2012 movie teaser One More Time, which we were looking forward to it since quite some time now. The guys bring some poppy flow, do this quite funny and the teaser overall looks pretty solid in any aspect. Just one thing: We don’t doubt your skills guys, but you can so not throw out a teaser that does not show one single trick being landed really. Still positive though, that it’s a stupid coincidence only and the movie is still rad!

Riders featured: Daniel „Poras“ Więcek, Maciej „Długi“ Długosz, Tomek „Tylas“ Tylka, Kasia „Gumka“ Rusin, Adrian „Metod“ Smardz, Piotr „Lotnik“ Tokarczyk, Grzesiek Kwiecień, Maciej „Wampir“ Lepski, Bartek „Cziller“ Janowiec, Wiktor „Wonson“ Kubiński and Bartek „Kapacz“ Kapustianyk.

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